Blogmas DAY 16: Philip Kingsley Elasticizer


M&S Advent Calendar Day 16

Philip Kingsley is a brand that I have heard of but have never tried their products. This is the Elasticizer which is a pre-shampoo treatment that adds elasticity, manageability bounce and shine. Now when I read that this is a PRE-SHAMPOO treatment I did think it was a bit strange; like how is that going to work if you're going to wash your hair after. But apparently it does! This is the worlds first pre-shampoo treatment and a lot of people love it including celebs! MY hair is something that I have never taken a huge amount of care on, only getting it cut properly about 3 times a year and rarely using heat protection when styling my hair but I think its time for a change! And I think this is going to be my first step! This 40ml size retails for £9.50. This is the smallest size but there are 5 size options all together that range from £9.50 - £85 for 1 Litre!

Philip Kingsley also do an exfoliating scalp treatment; something that I have been longing for for quite a while now as I get quite an itchy scalp from my eczema but never obviously want to put moisturiser on my scalp as I don't think it would do my hair any good but I will definitely be trying this one.


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