Blogmas DAY 4: Pixi by Petra & Apple Crumble


M&S Calander day 4

Todays product is the Brow Tamer by Pixi. I have only recently heard of the Brand Pixi as their Glow Tonic seems to be making headlines in the beauty world and is loved by beauty bloggers. So this productions something that I wouldn't usually think of purchasing for myself as I've never really felt like I need to use a brow gel. I keep my brows quite neat and trimmed but I think I might start making a habit of using this brow gel just to give my brows a bit of extra definition and neatness throughout the day.

The packaging of this product feels quite luxurious and product itself is a clear gel. Its a full size 4.5ml tube which retails for £12 which is a reasonable price for this product.

Today we had our family pre christmas sunday lunch so I made a Toffee Apple Crumble! This is so simple to make and is a perfect twist on the classic. I must admit though you do have to have a sweet tooth to like this, but I love it! I actually forgot to take a picture of the finished item but I thought I would still share with you some images from the process as I just love the caramel and spiced apples. It's a perfect Winter pud! If anyone is interested in the recipe, leave a comment below and I will do a separate post with the full recipe.


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