Blogmas DAY 5: New Obsession JOSH WOOD


M&S Calendar Day 5

In box number 5 we have a Radiant Shine Hair Treatment oil by Josh Wood. I have used Josh Wood products before and I love them! They just make your hair feel super healthy and nourished so I'm super excited to try this treatment oil. My hair has been feeling slightly dry on the ends recently I think because I have been curling it a lot and this colder weather doesn't help!

So this product has multiple uses! It can be used as a pre-shampoo treatment, a pre-styling moisture boost or as a finishing product which is great because depending on what your hair needs and when you have this one product that can really help with lots of problems! I have read a few reviews on this product and people are saying its great for all different types of hair from curly, to give more defined curls; to straight to give it a high shine. And I can imagine its a great product to help tame frizz without totally weighing your hair down too.

This product retails for £12.50 for a 48ml bottle and the size you get in the calendar is 28ml so this works out at just over £7. I have a good feeling about this product so I can already see I'd be buying this again when I run out.


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