Blogmas DAY 7: Ultrasun Protection


M&S Calendar Day 7

I opened my day 7 box this morning and was not overly thrilled with the product inside. I just think its a bit boring but I suppose you can't expect to get something amazing in every box. It will probably come in quite useful more in the summer time. Its a 25ml tube of Ultrasun anti-ageing sun protection for very sensitive skin SPF 30. I know it is very important to wear SPF on your face all year round, but in the winter months I feel like I only need a low SPF like a 15, which seems to be in a lot of regular face products like moisturisers and foundations now anyway. So i think this will definitely be better in the summer when you want that higher SPF sun protection. Again, this is one of those products that you wouldn't necessarily buy normally but is good to have.

This product normally comes in a 50ml size for £20 which is quite a high price tag for a sun cream but then i suppose with the added benefits of anti-ageing its probably worth paying that price. This sample size is 25ml which makes it worth £10. I definitely don't think I would pay that for a product like this but hey-ho I'll give it a go.


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