Blogmas DAY 8: Liquid Gold & Festival of Lights


M&S Calendar Day 8

This is such an interesting product! Its Alpha H Liquid Gold, which is a glycolic acid treatment. Glycolic acid resurfaces the skin which improves the texture and appearance of the complexion. It says to use every other day but it smells very strong of alcohol so I think i would be quite cautious to start with and see how my skin reacts to it. I have read a few reviews and there are a lot of people  saying that it helps with clearing up spots quicker so this could be a huge benefit if it's true!

I love the packaging of this though. The olive green colour is so luxurious and with the contrast in the smooth lid and the matte bottle i'ts very on-trend. This is a 50ml size which is worth £10 but in the shops you can get a 200ml for £40.

You may have noticed that this Blogmas post is a day late, and it's for a very good reason! Last night my family and I went to the Longleat Festival of Lights and then for dinner so we didn't get home until quite late. I am definitely in the christmas spirit is I wasn't before!


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