Blogmas DAY 11: Emma Hardie & Christmas Shopping


M&S Calendar day 11

Today is the Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm. I have seen people using this product so am very excited to try this! When you open the little pot, it almost looks like lip balm, that kind of waxy pressed consistency. I have never used a cleanser like this before. I usually go for more creamy cleansers like the Dermalogica Essential Cleansing Solution, that one is my fave!

I am really looking forward to using this as it looks like the sort of thing that would just melt all of your make-up away and leave your skin feeling so soft. This is really good for all skin types and even sensitive skin. It is proven to reduce the size of pores and purify the skin so it sounds like it's going to help reduce breakouts also.

This is a 15ml sample so probably won't last too long but you can buy 200ml for £59.00 with a cleansing cloth, making this sample worth about £5.

Yayyy we've finished our christmas shopping and even have it all wrapped. I love this time of year, shopping for people; but its such a relief to have it all finished and wrapped so we can now relax and enjoy this time leading up to the big day! 


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