Emma Hardie Travel Kit


After trying the amazing Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm in December, I just had to try some more products from the range and also get my hands on some more of the cleansing balm. I decided to go for the travel kit as it come in a really nice clear zip pouch which is perfect for carrying products in your hand luggage when flying, and it also comes with some smaller size products for me to try. This set is available from Feel Unique for £35.

Emma Hardie is a luxurious skin care brand formulated with the most gentle, paraben free and mineral-oil free ingredients so are suitable for all skin types. And they really do work!

If you haven't yet tried the Cleansing balm, I highly recommend to. It's great for all types of skin as it helps to nourish the dry and relieve the sensitive as well as balancing out the oily. It removes every single last bit of make-up, even stubborn eye makeup and leaves your skin feeling silky smooth and nourished. The full size Cleansing Balm 100ml retails for £38 and at the moment you get a free 15ml travel size too, as well as the cleansing cloth.

Apart from using the cleansing balm again, the other thing I am super excited to try is the cleansing cloth. This has two different sides to it, one is the muslin side which helps to gently exfoliate the skin as you cleanse and the other is a softer side for polishing and perfecting the skin. Again this is really good for making sure your skin is squeaky clean.

The other thing that I am more excited about trying is the Rosehip exfoliating seeds. These look like ground seeds which feel quite abrasive on their own but you add these to the cleanser twice a week to create a gentle, nourishing exfoliator. I can imagine this feels amazing on the skin when combined with the cleanser. 

The three other products that comes in this set are the Age Support Face Cream that helps to lift and plump the skin. 100ml of The Intense Body Lotion that leaves the skin silky soft; and a small sample sachet of Protect and Perfect SPF 30 which is a skin protector and primer in one. 


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