Top 5 December Product Picks


In my previous post I said that I would share with you my top 5 products from the Marks & Spencer Christmas Advent Calendar. This was actually super hard to narrow down my favourites to just 5 things as I am liking quite a few more! I loved every day having a little product gift to open, not only so I could pamper myself but to also discover some new brands. Four out of the five brands I have chosen in my top products I hadn't actually heard of before. It's only Josh Wood hair products that I have used before and then only once.

I tried to include something from every aspect of the beauty world so my top 5 products include a hair care item, one make-up cosmetic item, a cleanser and then two anti-ageing skin health products. I tried every product from the calendar at least once but these are all things that I have used multiple times and loved.

My first choice is definitely my ultimate favourite and one that I will 100% be purchasing again! It's the Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm. This is just amazing! It is such a nice texture and works so well at melting away any make-up and dirt from the skin. This little pot lasted me about 5 days which wasn't very long but I did do a double cleanse every time I used it. The first cleanse was to rid of any make-up on my skin including mascara! Yes, I used this on my eyes and I didn't find it irritating at all. Because of the oily kind of texture of this cleanser it was super easy to take off my eyeliner and mascara so I wasn't there was ages rubbing my eyes so I avoided making my eyes sore. I then did a second cleanse just to make sure my pores were getting a nice deep clean as well. I am gutted I have ran out of this but I will definitely be ordering a full sized one of this super sonic cleanser again soon!

My second pick is the Lip Glossy by Rosie for Autograph. This is such an easy product to wear as it's quite sheer but gives just a lovely natural tint and shine to the lips so I love it for those lazy days where you just want more of a natural easy make-up look. I think this colour would suit anyone as like I said it's quite sheer so it kind of picks up the colour of your natural lip underneath and enhances it. This one will definitely be kept in my hand bag just to pop on when I need a bit of a touch up.

My next choice is basically a miracle. It's basically like every single skin saver you need in one! This Rodial Super Acids X-treme Acid Rush Peel is a fruity smelling clear gel mask that gives you everything you need to have the best skin ever. It exfoliates, smooths, reduces the appearance of imperfections, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, reduces age spots, blotches and uneven skin tone and then hydrates; leaving you with smooth, even, youthful and just all round amazing skin. After a heavy christmas this is my saviour and I love it!

This next one was an easy choice to put it in my top 5. This is the Radiant Shine Hair Treatment Oil by Josh Wood. This is such a nice texture to use, it's not too runny and is kind of a mixture between a gel and an oil so it absorbs into the hair really nicely without leaving a greasy, wet look. It smells so good as well! I use this both when my hair is damp and then also when my hair is dry and styled. I find this is really good to use if you have just used a lot of heat maybe to either curl or straighten your hair. I also like it to re-hydrate the ends of my hair in-between washes just to give it a fresh, smooth boost. 

Last but not least is the amazing Time-Filler by Filorga wrinkle correction cream. You can actually feel this one working it's magic as soon as you apply it. Like I've said in my previous post about anti-ageing products, people always say to me "you don't need to be using that". But to me, products like this aren't just for people that want to turn back the clock and have 0 wrinkles again but they're also great for preventing the lines and wrinkles from making an unwelcome appearence before it's too late. Now I haven't been using this product every day, probably just once a week and I think the main reason I like this product is because you can feel it actually doing something and that's always a good sign. Obviously if you were using this product to reduce lines and wrinkles that you already have then you would use it maybe every day. 

So that is my top 5 products all rounded up. Like I said before, this was a struggle as I loved so many of the products in the amazing Beauty Advent Calendar from M&S and I will definitely be looking out for this again next year to see what other brands it can help me discover. I highly recommend looking out for this one yourselves next year if you're a beauty product fanatic as much as I am. It's such good value and it gives you the chance to pamper yourself completely. 


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