February's Birchbox


This is definitely my favourite Birchbox so far since I have been subscribed to this amazing monthly subscription. I think because I am a sucker for eye shadows so this delivered the perfect duo for giving me that subtle smockey eye.

This eyeshadow trio from Pop Beauty has my three favourite colours in it. A light pearly nude/pink, a slightly darker dusky pink colour and a dark purple/brown for the crease. And it comes paired perfectly with a Spectrum blending brush! This brush is the perfect shape to use with all of the colours of the eyeshadow as you've got the wider edge for pressing the lighter base colours all over your lids, and then it has the tapered end which is perfect for blending the darker colour into the crease line. It's super soft so you can blend the colours out really easy! As well, Specrum is a brush brand that I think everyone swoons over. They are super stylish but they're also really high quality so I will definitely be looking to complete my collection in the future! Birchbox got this pairing of Spectrum and Pop Beauty bang on.

Then there's two skin care products, both that I cannot wait to try and I think they will work so well together. 

The Keeome sheet mask was a nice surprise to receive. Sheet masks are a big hit at the moment because they're so easy to use and you don't have to faf around with a cream mask applying it with a mask brush or your fingers and making a mess. With a sheet mask you just put it on and then when you're finished, just peel it off and put it in the bin. This Keeome mask is enriched with mulberries, which are packed full of vitamin A &E which regenerated tired and dull skin and it's super hydrating. Perfect for use after a heavy weekend. 

The next skin care product is also to help wake up tired skin. This Vasanti enzymatic face rejuvenator is packed with papaya enzymes to brighten up your skin. This is a gentle exfoliator  to help improve the skins texture and rid of dead skin. It also has some hydrating ingredients which my skin definitely needs. I can't wait to have a mini pamper session and use both of these skin care products!

The final product is a hair conditioning spray from Beaver Professional. As you may have read in my other posts, I am so lazy when it comes to hair care. I always buy hair products thinking that I am going to be really good at using them regularly but it never actually happens. But this hydrating conditioning spray looks super easy to use and I love the smell of it! This is a lightweight treatment that is supposed to hydrate and detangle your hair. I don't really suffer from tangled hair as mine is dead straight but I do sometimes find it can get quite dry on the ends so I am determined to actually try and use this one regularly.


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