Nip + Fab Dragon's Blood Range


I know Nip + Fab has been around for a while now, but following the recent launch of their Make-up range, I thought I would give their skin care range a try. Recently I have been suffering from quite bad breakouts on my chin and forehead and have not yet found anything that helps to reduce the breakouts or even prevent them. Even when the pimples have cleared I am left with red marks, not quite scaring but they just won't budge.

Nip + Fab is the sister brand of Rodial which is a high end brand loved by celebs. These two brands produce very similar products but with very different price tags. And a lot of the products are basically the same, with the similar names and the same ingredients too.

Dragon's Blood is the key ingredient in this range of products along with Hyaluronic Acid. Dragons Blood is the natural sap from the Croton Lechleri tree and is soothing on the skin, it helps to reduce redness and it also gives a healthy plumping effect.

As for the other main ingredient, we all know how great Hyaluronic acid is. It's super hydrating and is basically like giving your skin a pint of water to drink. Everyone should have this ingredient in their skin care routine.

I've been using the Dragon's Blood Daily Cleansing Pads after I've cleansed by face with my regular Dermalogica cleanser. I always do a double-cleanse; the first to remove all of my makeup and the second to cleanse my skin deeper down. These pads definitely leave my skin feeling squeaky clean.

I really should use a mask more often because I always notice a difference in my skin when I do so. The Fix Plumping Mask is super hydrating and also helps to even out and brightens skin tone. Im hoping with regular use this will reduce my red patches left from old breakouts.

I love how the Plumping Serum feels on my skin, it sinks in quickly but it also leaves what feels like a protective barrier on my skin locking in moisture. My skin also feels taught and plumped.

This Dragon's Blood Hyaluronic Shot is a life saver. I suffer from dry dehydrated patches but the 50% Hyaluronic solution instantly hydrates, nourishes and plumps my skin. If I need a good boost I use this directly onto my skin and let it sink in, otherwise I mix it into my regular moisturiser. I love the pipet style of this bottle, it weirdly feels like I'm in a science lab every time I use it.

If you want high end products but without the high end price, definitely give these a try. Nip + Fab do lots of different ranges depending on what your skin type is and depending on what results you are looking to achieve.


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